Automate your offers in 3 easy steps

Post your generated link for the listing on the MLS

Receive notifications for each offer

You can then reject or counter the offer and finally accept it

Get more listings with Propy Offers

Offer your sellers the best solution that gives them instant access to all of their offers.

Easily accept, decline or counter offers all in one solution.

Generate extra revenue from buyers’ agents that choose your preferred escrow and title services in the platform.

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Process offers seamlessly

Receive offers from your website or MLS listing, while getting an instant email and a text notification with a summary of the terms. Keep track of all offers and navigate them with confidence in one spot. Instantly accept, decline, or counter offers.

Have a birds-eye view of each listing

You and your clients can see all listings and related deals in one place. Get the big picture of your deals and listings in one place. Simple to arrange, easy to find, and effortless to see while viewing all the details.

Easily show offers to your seller

Leave a lasting impression to your clients by keeping them in the loop for each offer. They can see every offer as it comes in, as well as any counters sent. All offers are tracked in a neat and easy to view table.

Case Study

How a brokerage in LA saved their agents over 10 hours per listing

To empower their business, ACME brokerage with the founder Courtney Poulos started using Propy.

10 hours saved per listing

Since switching to Propy, Courtney has significantly grown her business as well as saving her agents over 10 hours a week per listing.

Read the full case study to learn more about how ACME is rapidly growing its business with Propy and using Offer Management to win more listings even during shelter in place.

Case Study

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